Rising from the pits of Athens, Greece, TRIGGER exploded onto the greek metal scene in the
early of 2002 as a “one man band” formed by vocalist Kostas Lolis. Combining electronic
samples with heavy guitars, they released on January 2005 their debut album, entitled
Reflections with the help from guitarist Kostas Nikolakis (Feelin’ Guilty). In 2005, the band
collaborated with the hip-hop band Professional Sinnerz and cut the track “Throwaway”. The
song also featured on a DVD for the Street Attack magazine including other three songs from
their debut album.

Starting in May 2006 for the first time with a solid four piece line up, and later on as a five
men line up, TRIGGER underwent several line-up changes, also in the members puzzle as
also changes in their musical style. With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds
ranging from classical metal to progressive to punk to thrash to death metal and hardcore the
band shows no limitations with their writing ability and style. These five gentlemen have done
nothing but try to break the mold of today’s boring repetitive metalcore scene. With music
influenced by bands such as Meshuggah, Pantera, Dream Theater, Tool and In Flames the
band mixes metal and other styles together seamlessly but on their own terms.
Blurring the lines of what is thought to be “metal”, TRIGGER have made a style truly all their
own, calling it “bang your head music”. The vocals are a mixture of clean & brutal with lyrics
that have a definite “personal point of view about social conscience”. This band tries their
hardest to be authentic & unique to everyone they come in contact with.
The band’s latest release, Thin Line, layers them haunting wails with biting drums from
Kostas Chief, stunning groovy guitar riffs from the duo Dimitris Mouzakis and Stamoulakis
Bouris to produce yet another disc full of technical masterpieces. With standout tracks like
“Red Lips, White Lies”, “Scapegoat” and the grandiose acoustic piano version of the song
“Last Degree”, TRIGGER can count on loads of future success.
After playing lot of shows in the last four years, with bands such as Rot, System Decay, Bios,
Metal Edge, Maplerun and many more, TRIGGER is preparing to start a new chapter. So get
ready to “bang your head” beginning with this band as they make a name.

Kostas Lolis – vocals | Dimitris Mouzakis – guitar | Stamoulakis Bouris – guitar | Giannis Synodinos – bass | Kostas Chief – drums


  • Scapegoat